iOS 11

We are currently in the process of updating our client App’s to iOS 11 and plan a release very soon! We will post the new Demo App’s here and in your Queue Manager WhyQ Feel free to test them out and get back to us with any questions or requests!

A+ Urgent Care Logo

A+ Urgent Medical Care

We welcome  A+ urgent Medical Care to the WhyQ QMS Family. A+ Urgent Urgent Medical has five urgent care facilities around CA USA. To solve their queue issues we installed widgets on the A+ Website for customers to join before the come into the surgery. A simple queue process was required with few… Read More

tire mart tv display

Cinco De Mayo!

New queue display for Cinco De Mayo! One of our customers here at WhyQ have done an excellent job at re-designing their customer TV display! We encourage creativity and thoughtful designs, why not make your waiting area a little more bright & interesting? Please contact us for a queue display options…. Read More