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First thing first, your best to set up your queue settings. Let’s Run through them one by one they can be found here – Your Queue List then click edit

Queue Settings;

  1. Queue Name
  2. Queue Code You can let any customer join the queue by sending an SMS to +61437864817. SMS format JOIN<SPACE><QUEUE CODE><SPACE><NAME> E.g. JOIN myQueueCode Samantha. This Code must be unique so think of something creative
  3. Queue Description
  4. More Time Position, when customers reply T, this is the amount of positions that person will move down the queue
  5. Time Zone, this will reflect in your reports
  6. Country code that you use
  7. Show average time waiting time, this will turn on and off the waiting time on your TV monitor
  8. Auto Fill Queue, This automatically calls the next person in the queue, e.g set to 3 when the queue starts the first 3 people are called immediately. Once the first person is finished and leaves the queue the 4th person will be automatically called & so on, keeping a buffer in your waiting area and to avoid having a no-service period.
  9. Add Employee, Will allow access to an individual queue only. With no admin access.

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